1:1 Black / White Conversation (2nd Conversation)

Braver Angels has developed a way for people of different races or ethnic groups to have a different kind of conversation than usually occurs when we talk about race in this country.  The process involves two structured 1-hour conversations between two people who identify with difference races or ethnic groups.  We are currently focusing on conversations between black and white people. This is the second of two conversations. 
Round 1 (~3 minutes)

Review the Technical Guidelines

 While waiting for your partner to join, review these technical guidelines for a smooth conversation experience:
Stick together through the conversation rounds.
Complete each conversation round together. Each person then clicks "Proceed to Next Round" to advance. If need be, you can return to a previous round by clicking on it. 

You can drag and drop your own image anywhere on the page.

Keep an eye on the time.
The countdown timer helps you stay on track so that you use your time well. However, your pace for each section is up to you, and you can go over the hour if you both agree.    
Keep yourself muted when not speaking.
When you are not speaking, press your mute button to eliminate background noise and echo. When you are speaking, remember to unmute.
Keep your video on at all times.
If you are having bandwidth trouble, however, you can turn off your video to improve audio performance.
Having audio or video problems?
Try refreshing your browser - you'll come right back into the conversation. If this doesn't work, click "Need Help" for troubleshooting tips. 
We want to know if technology didn't work well for you in this conversation. 
 Please send screenshots to connect@allsides.com.

Round 2 (~10 minutes)

Open Up the Conversation

After settling in and making sure the audio and video are working, silently read the goals and ground rules again. When finished, signal that you are both on board and ready to go.

✔ More understanding of the experiences, feelings, and beliefs of someone of a different race or ethnic group
✔ Discovering any areas of commonality in addition to differences 
✔ Ideas for how we might make a difference for our children and our nation
Ground Rules
1. We’re here to explain our views and to understand the other person, not to convince the other person to shift their attitudes or change their mind.  In other words, this is an open sharing, not a debate to establish who has the right perspective or correct facts.
2. We’re here as individuals.  Let’s not assume the other person holds the views of a larger group—unless they say they do.  
3. We’re going to stick to the process for each stage of the conversation.  Example: if the question is what we each learned about how the other person sees an issue, that’s all we do then even if it means resisting the urge to “correct’ the other person’s obvious error or blind spot!  
4. We give each other permission to remind each other gently if we veer off from the process, as in “I think right now we’re supposed to be doing….”

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Any reflections from the first conversation or thoughts since then? (3 min. total)

One person at a time. Listen and appreciate what each of you says. 

If there is something you want to change this time (for example, more equal sharing of the time, or sticking more closely to the questions), decide that together.  Then move on to Round 2.
Round 3 (~25 minutes)

Changes We Each Would Like to See

Alternate asking the questions and responding to them
Question 1: Changes in the larger world

What needs to change in the structures, institutions, or culture of American society so that all of our children have a better chance to succeed and flourish? (10 min.)

4 minutes each.  Other person listens.  No cross talk.
Afterwards back and forth (4 minutes total) 
What did you learn about how the other person views what needs to change in society, and did you see anything in common?  
Question 2: Changes within our own groups and communities

What needs to change within my own racial/ethnic/cultural community, along with larger societal change, for all of our children to succeed and flourish, and what resources already present in my community can be drawn upon? (10 min.) 

4 minutes each.  Other person listens.  No cross talk.
Afterwards back and forth (4 minutes total) 
What did you learn about how the other person thinks about what needs to change in their own community, and did you see anything in common?  
Round 4 (~15 minutes)

Action Ideas

Question 3:  What can we do?
What can each of us do individually, within our own group, and together to create a better world for all of our children?

Take a few minutes to write down a few ideas, starting with what you plan to do personally.  “Actions” might include anything from speaking up more effectively within or between our racial groups, to visible, public steps to take.  

No pressure here to create a lengthy list.  When you are finished writing, take turns sharing and discussing your ideas.  Feel free to take notes on what the other person proposes.

Personal actions                                                Potential actions to take by people in my group           Potential actions to take by all of us together
(Me as an individual)

1.                                                                          1.                                                                                           1.       

2.                                                                          2.                                                                                           2.
3.                                                                          3.                                                                                           3.                    
Round 5 (~5 minutes)

Check Out

What are we each taking with us from these two Braver Angels conversations?
2 minutes each person
Braver Angels is harvesting ideas from these conversations. Please share two action ideas (personal or joint) that stood out from your conversation here.

All participants please complete this quick, confidential survey to share your feedback about this conversation.